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Greetings from eXe!

Do you find yourself with an assortment of used IT mobile devices that have served their time? Perhaps you're a business looking for a trustworthy partner to give your old fleet of gadgets a new purpose. Whichever the case, we’re excited to introduce you to the eXe We Buy Business services.

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What we're keen on

Whether it's the sleek smartphone you’ve just upgraded from, the tablet that's seen better days, or the laptop that has been your loyal companion through countless meetings, we're here to give them another shot at glory. Our enthusiastic team is ever eager to acquire:

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Mobile Phones
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Faulty Devices

For Businesses

We understand the lifecycle of corporate gadgets. They serve, they excel, and then they move on, making way for newer models. Instead of letting them gather dust or be discarded, partner with eXe. We offer seamless, hassle-free processes tailored for businesses, ensuring your devices find a fresh purpose, and in return, you get a fair value.

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For Tech Enthusiasts & Regular Suppliers

If you're someone who stumbles upon devices regularly or has a knack for sourcing tech, we're here to make your passion profitable. Join hands with eXe, and let’s create a win-win partnership.


Why eXe?

Beyond offering competitive prices, we believe in warm, transparent, and genuine interactions. With nearly a decade in the electronics sector, we’re not just another tech company; we're a community. Each device we buy is a testament to our commitment: giving tech a renewed life, fostering sustainable choices, and building lasting relationships. So, whether you're a company or an individual with tech to spare, let's journey together.

The eXe WeBuy Team

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PLEASE NOTE: We can only assign value and pay for items that are ofinterest to us. If a product is too old or in poor condition, we can not buy it. However, we can still collect, data erase, and responsibly dispose of it (charges apply).
Please be detailed and accurate when describing your items, as this influences the valuation we provide.
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