Trade-In Your Mobile Phone

Start making money by trading in your mobile phone or tablet today. We promise to beat or match any reputable mobile phone buyer, giving you the best possible price for your devices. Our process has been made extremely user friendly and easy to navigate. Simply complete the online form sharing a few details about the device and contact details, then using our FREE postal service, which is tracked straight to our door, send the device in and receive payment within 48 hours.

How does it work?

  • Fill in our online form and send your device in using the FREE postal service
  • Receive updates when we have received your device
  • Our experienced technicians will evaluate the device and give a final quote
  • Receive our quote and if accepted, you will receive payment within 48 hours

Use the following link to book your device into our system. Once you have booked your device in you will receive a conformation email explaining the next steps.

Book in your trade-in device



You also have the option to trade up, which means you can put the value of your trade-in device towards a new handset or repair. Devices that you would like to trade-in towards the cost of a repair can be sent in with your device that you would like to be repaired.

What we cannot accept 

  • Any device that has been liquid damaged
  • Any device that has an active iCloud or Google account
  • If it has been reported as lost or stolen
  • Badly bent or snapped devices

When we inspect the handset or tablet they will be given a Grade and this will ultimately determine the value of the handset.

GRADE Like New:  Cosmetically pristine, would have no scratches or marks on the handset

Grade A - Great Condition. Very light marks, no dents, all components and features working perfectly. No dead pixels and/or damage on the LCD

Grade B - Good Condition. Small scratches and light dents, all components and features working perfectly. No dead pixels and/or damage on the LCD

Grade C - Fair Condition. Badly scratched and dented, all components and features working. Small area of the LCD has pixel damage

Grade D - Not working or Damaged. Broken components, badly scratched and bent. Screen or other components damaged or broken