Product Guide

All our products are comprehensively tested to meet our strict GRADE A quality screening process. GRADE A PLATINUM refers to the cosmetic condition of the product and not the functionality.

As previously stated we only retail grade A products – Please see the grading definitions below


  • The device has barely been handled
  • Cosmetically the phone will be in pristine condition and will not have any sign of use i.e.) no scratches, cracks or blemishes.
  • Full internal 19 point test before dispatch

GRADE B (not stocked)

  • The device has been used
  • Cosmetically the phone will show signs of use i.e.minor scratches and scuffs

GRADE C (not stocked)

  • The device has visibly been used
  • Cosmetically the phone will show signs of prolonged use i.e) scratches, scuffs, minor cracks


Our retro range has a different grading process.  This is due to the age of the devices.


  • The device shows signs of use.  Cosmetically the phone will have minor scratches and blemishes
  • All parts will be fully working
  • Full internal 10 point test before dispatch